Trip lasting 1 hour and a half, that allows you to visit the caves of the Ionian coast of the Cape of Leuca.

Guided tour to the caves of the Ionian coast in Leuca.

After passing Punta Ristola, you will admire the sea caves and the coast, sailing towards Gallipoli, for about 4 km away from the harbour of Leuca. The stop to have a swim will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this location.

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Santa Maria di Leuca Tourist Harbour, pier H
1 hour and a half
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Santa Maria di Leuca Tourist Harbour

Punta Ristola

Promontory called Punta Ristola.

Mesciu Gianni Cave

Passing Punta Ristola, there is this small cave, characterized by a pile of stones and debris placed on the right cliff.

Fiume Cave

It is a complex of caves connected to each other, characterized by the remains of a karstic activity that which heritage is a stream of fresh water that gets lost into the salt sea.

Presepe Cave

This cavity is characterized by wonderful limestone sculptures, with stalactit formations of exceptional beauty, which seem to recall the features of the Nativity (hence the name).

Tre Porte Cave

The name recalls the monumental entrance with 3 “doors”, which seems to stand out in the sea as the passage to another world. From here you can enjoy the coolness and the beautiful play of light.



Drago Cave

About 60 meters deep, extremely spectacular, within this cave there are rocks that resemble the head of a dragon and a moray.
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